Rates are project dependent. We're available to do many things within the process of finishing a song. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish the price will vary. Below are some guidelines to how the price will fluctuate.

  • Per Hour will be the most expensive option. Best used when you feel confident that it'll be less than 5 hours
  • Day Rate is unlimited time on a given day. If you plan on doing 5 or more hours in one day then day rate will be better than Per Hour.
  • Per Song is unlimited time to finish the song. However long it takes, the price remains the same. This is the best option.
  • Payments are flexible. We'll work with you on what you can afford to pay and when you can pay.
  • Most importantly and no matter what your budget, we want to hear from you and talk about what you are looking to accomplish. Even if Blue 13 isn't a good fit for your needs we will gladly recommend somebody else who we think might fit your needs. Ultimately you have to make a decision that is best for you.