We've been working with Electric Tongues for about a year now and we have 4 tracks released on most streaming platforms. These 4 songs were all engineered, mixed, and mastered by Blue 13. Currently we're working on the 5th song which is nearing completion. “Finsta” and “Someone Else” has been featured on 91.7 KXT Local Hour. “Someone Else” has also been featured on 103.7’s local hour with Mark on the Radio. We're excited about the work we've done together and we believe they have a bright future ahead of them.

Recently mixed “Flashes” for Late Native (Released on 10/12/2018). “Flashes” can be heard on all streaming platforms. Flashes has been played on 103.7’s Local Hour with Mark on the Radio. Very happy to be apart of this and looking forward to future projects with Late Native.

Kyoto Lo-Fi Picture.jpg

Another artist that Blue 13 has engineered, mixed, and mastered. Kyoto Lo-Fi has recently released their first professional single “Godot” which is now streaming on all platforms. Godot has been featured in Central Track and played on 103.7’s local show with Mark on the Radio. We are Currently working on an album that we are excited to be releasing in 2019.