How We Formed

Greg Muzljakovich started out as a gigging musician playing local club gigs. With original music he found himself having the creative freedom he wanted as a musician. However, when he had recorded in a studio environment, he didn’t fully understand how everything worked. The producer would say “plug in there and play your part.” That’s what he did. When Greg was finished he wouldn’t hear much about the song until it was near completion. If there was anything he wanted to change or add he struggled to make it happen. Greg felt detached from everything except his part. On top of that, there isn’t as much money as he’d like to make (At least in the beginning). After this experience, Greg realized that he needed to know more about recording and production. Greg wanted to have more input for creating music. After talking to a buddy who had his own recording studio, Greg realized he could learn how to do this.

In order to do this the right way, Greg knew he needed two things: time and money (Shocking, I Know). Greg spent about 4 1/2 years working his day job and playing cover gigs 2 - 4 times a week. Greg was saving up money to buy everything he needed and using the time away from his jobs to learn. Through the help of friends and family and grinding daily, Greg began to create his studio. For experience and growth Greg his friend’s bands come over. Being self taught he'd spend hours experimenting to get the most out of the performance. Through trial and error Greg started to see results and the people he worked with were happy.

Everyday Greg continues to learn something new to make whatever he's working on better. Greg says "When I work with a local artist, my goal is to take their demo and turn it into a song that should be on the radio."